Related Links

Here are websites which have related content and stories in local languages and mother tongue.

  1. African proverbs sayings and stories : good collection of proverbs, sayings and stories.
  2. Sukuma Legacy project : Sukuma stories and proverbs, translated into English and Kiswahili.
  3. African Storybook Project : great project, enable direct translation and print of African stories
  4. Dr. Gerd Jendraschek  – Iatmul Stories :The original book with Iatmul stories
  5. World Reader  : stories sent into Kindle.
  6. Maa language project  : information about  Maa  language and dictionary
  7. JALADA: Pan African writers’ collective, on line stories, in English and mother tongues.
  8. Open- stories from Australia


                        Free African photos: Great photos of African people and culture

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