Special Projects

Maasai Tradition and Culture:

With Nanetya Foundation encouragement, Keri, from Maasai Mara, has started a project of writing the tradition and culture of the Maasai, which these days is changing rapidly, in MAA Language.

Chief recording Maasai culture

Chief recording Maasai culture

Together, we intend to publish a two volumes album book, to include explanations about Maasai origin, Maasai ceremonies and believes. Work has started on October 2014

Keri in a meeting with elders

Keri in a meeting with elders

Sukuma Stories

In cooperation with Rev Joe Healey from  African proverbs,Sayings and stories  Nanetya team is busy uploading over hundred  SUKUMA (Tanzania) stories that were collected many years  by Maryknoll priest Donald Sybertz.

 Thank you both!


First ever KONSO story book

Nanetya team is busy with the final stage of printing the first ever book in the AfaKonso  language, which is spoken by the 300,000 Konso (Ethiopia) people. The book will include 7 stories, collected by Dinote Kusia and edited by Dr. Ongaye Oda.


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