Gusii proverbs

Collected by:  African Proverbs, Sayings and Stories  (visit to read proverbs explanations)

1.  Totiana maseta, gwatiana masetoka.

     Do not boast about yourself before performing an event, but after the event. 

2.  Binto mbikone: sasati eibora mache, rosana rwaibora inko, namorero oibora      ibu.

    Things are miraculous: reeds produce water, forests produce firewood and fire   produce ashes. 

3. Omokungu omwegenu nogoseseni ase omosa cha oye

    A faithful woman is a crown to her husband.          

4. Getutu kere maiso.

    The bush in which you hide has eyes.   

5.  Modera i’se mono tanakomora mwando. 

    The person who tends to ingratiate himself to his father without involving others  never inherits the father’s property.           

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