Haya proverbs

Collected by: African proverbs, sayings and stories (visit to see proverb explanation)


 1. Endimi elima emparangwa etaha

     Individuals have different talents


                           2. Akalimi Karungi kalaza empisi aha rwigi.

                               Sweet words lure the snake out of its cave.

3. Obusisi bubili tibulemwa nsenene emo

    Two ants do not fail to pull one grasshopper.


4. Entagambirwa esabala bw’aibumba

    A stubborn person sails in a clay boat. 

5. Amaisho gomukuru gakila orumuli kumulika. 

   The eyes of the wise person see through you.

6. Omuti ogwinamile tiguhendwa muyaga. 

   A soft tree is never broken by wind.

7. Bahana owo gulimu. 

   A person who is not disciplined cannot be cautioned.


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