Samburu – proverbs

With special thanks to LMAKIYA LESARGE , who wrote the interesting book PROVERBS OF THE SAMBURU (for English explanation and much more proverbs and stories – get the book )

1. Nkong’u natejeyie ng’en

The eye that has lived longer, is wiser

2. Meirotoi laur eitashe

It is not possible to load a standing camel

3. Lonyikita ake moti qwuapu loito

Only he who is closest to the pot snatches the bone

4. Keoshoo lperesi mbae

A blade of grass can deflect an arrow

5. Melau ltome neikunaa lala lenyana

An elephant cannot fail to find a strategy of carrying its tusks

6. Meitai lee nkong’u

The eye cannot judge a man

7. Midung’ lkees miata le anashe ng’utunyi

Do not traverse a desert without a cousin

8. Meeinok lchata obo nkima

a single firewood cannot make a fire

9. Ng’en loinepwa menye

wise is he who has interacted with his father

10. Mekurru natiiwua laroi

The mother of a fool is never ashamed

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