Shubi proverbs

Collected by:  African proverbs,Sayings and stories (visit to read proverbs explanation)

1. Otakubuza Lukole wahikile Mubaga. 

Don’t ask for Lukole when you have already reached [the village of] Mubaga. 

2. Ukuelekeza atakushisha ni vyiza agaruke

   It is difficult to be a teacher or a guide. You need science or to know the way. If not, resign! 

3. Umtajiri ntagira umsozi.

A rich person does not have a mountain (does not have to struggle i.e. share the problems of ordinary people).

4.  Akantu karokubhabaza ukabhinze karagaruka.

It is difficult to escape a trap set against you even if you try to avoid it.

5. Amazi gakulikila umgolomoko.

Water follows the slope.

6.  Omsagasaga gwemamba elugaha ebugana emzela.

When the crocodile jumps around he ends up by receiving the spear.

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