Sukuma proverbs

Collected by:  African proverbs sayings and  stories  (visit to read explanations of the proverbs)


1. Magembe abili gatakitaga kwikumya. 

    The hoes of two people cultivating together in a field sometimes clash (hit) against       each other. 

2. Kalagu.” “Kize.”   Ng’wiza akajaga ngobo jakwe?”… “Numbu.” 

   “I have a riddle.” “Let it come.”  A good person (goes to God) with his or her  clothes?” … “Potato.”

3. Ntondo ikatondolaga. 

    Tomorrow makes known to us what tomorrow will bring. 

4. Yashinga mu minzi itelaga. 
To stay a long time in the water does not make you clean.

5.  Ng’wigulya, Tungu ngwana wane. 

      Look up, Tungu my child. 

  6.  Nalung’wa naba. 

     I have been bitten by a tsetse fly. 


     As soon as you experience hunger pangs (feel hungry) why do you always want to  eat? 

8.  Nalukolekejaga sonda (ng’weli) walola lwala. 

    I pointed out to you the stars (the moon) and all you saw was the tip of my finger.

9.   Njinja atina nyango gumo.

     The salesperson (seller) does not have only one door.

10.   Utizunduka chimba limi litinagwa. 

    Do not insult the hunting guide before the sun has set.

11poultry. Ngoko ya ng’wana itamilaga igino.

    The hen with baby chicks doesn’t swallow the worm. 

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