Ewe proverbs

Collected by: Cephas yao Agbemenu,  African proverbs,sayings and stories (visit to read proverbs explanations)


1.   Koklo ka koli dzi, eno fe atafu nue wokena do. 

A chicken that keeps scratching the dung-hill will soon find the mother’s thigh bones. 

2.  Akpa le tome gake menya tsi fe vevie nyenyeo. 

     A fish is in water but does not know the importance of water.
    (A fish is the last to acknowledge the existence of water.) 

3.  Asi deka melea todzo o. 

    One hand does not catch a buffalo. 

4.  Nenye etedugbe enyetefagbe la anye gbowoha madu tetsro o.

    If the day of harvesting or eating yams is the same as the day of planting yams, even goats will not     be allowed to eat the yam peels. 

5. Etre ve no tsi dzi megbea nui ka wonoe wo o. 

    Two calabashes floating in a basin of water will touch each other, but not damage  each other. 

6. Acute dje kplo metso dada gbo o

   Hard and tasteless cassava has nothing to do with the way it was cooked. 
   (It is not the cook’s fault when the cassava turns out to be hard and tasteless). 

 7.   Asi medina gbedzrogbe o, asidigbe asi dina.

    The market is not full of traders on ordinary days; It is full on market days.

        (Great things don’t just happen, they have to be planned)

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